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Sierra Nevada Meadow

 Traveling is one of the great pleasures in my life.  As a kid growing up in New England I enjoyed a lot of the treasures the area had to offer.  It was not, however, until after my college days that I ventured further than New York State.  Out of state jobs and a tour of duty in the Air Force expanded my horizons.  I have lived more than 40 years in Texas and from here traveled coast to coast, England and cruised the Caribbean and west coast of Mexico. 

Wolfeboro IIHarper's Mill






I traveled on my own in the early years and as a function of my work.  I have enjoyed many vacations and pleasure trips with my wife, children and more recently grandchildren.  For most of these travels I was able to bring along a camera to record the best of what I saw.  In the pages to follow I will share photographs and stories from my travels. 

I hope you enjoy what you find here.

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