Gone FishingThis area of my site will host “Themes”, photographs grouped by a specific subject.  The themes that will show up here include: covered bridges, cruise ships, wind mills, old barns, and a variety of other subjects that come to my attention.  The the accompanying text will offer information on the theme and my interest in it.

On AlertAs I have worked with my various themes, I became aware of an opportunity to improve my photography in general by working to make the photos in my themes as high quality a possible and continue to strive to improve on  them at every opportunity.  The way I chose to do this was to create calendars.  I began by picking out my 12 best photos in a given theme and putting them into a binder along with a month page for the 12 months (helped me with the calendar perspective). As I add to my collection of photographs for a theme, I am always striving to have the new photos replace existing ones in the calendar.

It is important to continuously check the faults in the existing photos to develop the knowledge needed to make the next round of photos better.  As I have become more effective in evaluating my photos (and more honest), I realized that a better job of editing might also improve on the current photo.  The process has not only led me to pursuing better technique in the field, but also going back to the “dark room”, developing my skills there as well.  All-in-all I feel work with themes has helped my photographic efforts.

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