Photographic Technique

Composition is the over arching concept for visual art. The heart and soul of photographic technique is composition.  When all is said and done the photograph must at least speak to the creator if it is to have any relevance at all.  For most of us, we also wish to have our photographs viewed and appreciated by others. This takes us back to composition, the arranging of the subject of our photograph to attract and hold the attention of the viewer.

Too ColdGenerally to get the approval of others, we must adhere to a set of principles that lead us to the creation of photographs that others will respond to in an intended way.    The most common goal is to have viewers like them, but sometimes we also hope to make the viewer react emotionally to our photographs; happiness, laughter, inspiration, awe, participation.  Sometimes photographs will make us aware of the darker side of life; as many of the pictures that come back from war zones and natural catastrophes do.

Armed Forces Bowl

In reaching out to an audience it is important to understand the body of knowledge that encompasses the generally accepted practices that leads to good photography.  That is what this section is about.  To be successful with photography we need to continually evolve our understanding of techniques related to focus, exposure, color and a host of other detail consideration but most of all we must pay attention to the details relating to our subject, primarily position and orientation within the photographic frame.  The composition.

I hope you find the information provided in this section useful.


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    1. From the location I took the picture I usually use auto focus. Given the lighting and ISO, the f-stop is such that the depth of field is pretty good for this type of shot while still having a fast enough shutter. The photo is pretty heavily cropped.

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