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Photographers regardless of experience, generally strive to improve their technique.  As in life in general, learning in photography is a life long experience.  In this portion of the Web Site, I hope to provide  useful information for estblishing a basic skill set in photography and for developing the expertise to consistently get the great shots that make the photographic experience  rewarding.

Topics that  will land in one off three areas; mastering the camera and accessories (Tools), learnng and improving the skills (Technique) and producing the results (Product).  We’ll start out on camera basics, accessories and there purpose, techniques for close-up, protrait, landscape, abstract, sports, and travel photography and move on to any other thoughts that pass through the vacuum of my cranial cavety.  Once the shootings done, we’ll take a look at organizing, editing and sharing the results of our efforts.

I am developing the content as an ongoing effort to improve my own photographic skills. My personal experience has shown that I learn best by helping others. I hope the results set you on the path to improving you own photographic experience.

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