Start of a New Day

Sun Rise at Robson Ranch
Sun Rise at Robson Ranch

Over the years I have enjoyed sharing my photographs and thoughts on photography.  During that time, it became clear, as I responded to reader’s comments  that more photos are wanted.   It was time for a change.  Unfortunately life events got in the way of doing anything about it for past couple of years. 

If you will bear with me we will press on with a face lift.  The time has come to revive Photo by Cox.   The approach for PBC going forward will address the comments  about presenting more photos.  The post themselves will be brief and provide links to galleries created from my archive of photographs, plus photo features related to our travels, selected old posts, as well as tips and techniques based on activities I used for improving my photography.

Please let me know how you feel about what you find here and/or what you would like to see.

Thanks for stopping by.


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